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15 May 2014
MALAYSIA - Petronas LNG Train 9 Project, Bintulu, East Malaysia

We are very proud to announce that Japan Gas Corporation, the the main EPC contractor for Petronas, has selected Penta Global as a subcontractor to support them with site erection activities.

The scope awarded is the site Erection of of 180,000 inch dia of piping consisting of multiple metalurgies. 

Mr. Vijayneel Tharol, Penta Global Operations Director, said "this is an exciting Project forfor Penta. This being our first site erection job in Malaysia represents a major milestone in our companies development and expansion into a new teritory. We have demostrated our understanding of the job in hand in our technical proposal and are fully aware of the challenges in this complex low footprint plant. We are really relishing the opportunity to show our cabalities to make the project a success".

This Project is scheduled for completion by November 2015 

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