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14 Jul 2015
UAE - ZADCO Upper Zakum UZ750 EPC2 Project, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
Gulf Piping Company award Penta CRA Cladded Piping pre-fabrication works for spools to be installed in their modules. Penta will execute the spooling from our facility in ICAD III and dispatch the fully tested and painted spools to GPC Yard ICAD I. Both GPC and Petrofac have duly noted Penta's vast experience in such complex welding processes.
13 Nov 2014
ALGERIA - Sonatrach Alrar Project - Executed in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
Piping spool fabrication, testing and painting works executed at Penta Global's Mussafah Facility. The Project is on a fast track basis and spools have to be suitably packed for multi-mode transportation to the remote site location.
15 May 2014
MALAYSIA - Petronas LNG Train 9 Project, Bintulu, East Malaysia
Mechanical Erection works for the Cold End Process Area of the 9th Train of the LNG Plant. The Bintulu LNG facility is one of the largest operational LNG Plants in South East Asia. The 9th Train is a complicated low footprint addition to the existing facility and the challenge is to deliver this ambitious Project in record time.
21 Jan 2013
UAE - Al Hosn Shah Gas Development Project Utilities & Offsites PKG #4, Shah, Abu Dhabi
Samsung Engineering have selected Penta Global as their Subcontractor to support them in for the site pre-fabrication and erection on the Al Hosn Shah Gas Development Project Package 4. Penta will be conducting pre-fabrication and erection activities at site which includes carbon steel utility piping as well as the complex erection of CRA Cladded Spools and Solid Alloy piping.
10 Dec 2012
UAE - Al Hosn Shah Sulphur Station and Pipeline Project, Shah, Abu Dhabi
CCC award Penta Global piping prefabrication contract works for their Al Hosn Shah Sulphur Station and Pipeline Project. After careful evaluation Penta were selected to carry out the spool pre-fabrication works at their state of the art facility in Mussafah Abu Dhabi.
03 Jul 2012
Turkmenistan - South Yoloten Gas Development Project
Petrofac award Penta CRA Cladded Piping pre-fabrication and erection works. Penta will supply manpower and supervision to be stationed at the SYGD project site to carry out the CRA cladded welding of pipe spools in client facilities as well as errect completed spools. The people will be provided on a monthly hire basis with all equipment and provisions in the clients scope.
22 Mar 2012
UAE - Gasco Asab 3 Project, Abu Dhabi
Technip France - Abu Dhabi award Pipe support fabrication works to Penta for the Gasco Asab 3 project. This was an urgent project to be completed in a very short timescale.
04 Mar 2012
UAE - Gasco Habshan 5 Process Plant, Abu Dhabi
Technimont award Penta a valve painting project. Having been impressed with Penta's contribution to the ongoing works subcontracted from Kharafi National the main EPC have seen fit to award additional work. Part to be completed at site and some to be done at Penta's yard in Mussafah.
13 Nov 2011
Turkmenistan - South Yoloten Gas Development Project
Petrofac award Penta pre-fabrication, painting and packaging for the SYGD project for Turkmen Gas. This project is unique in the sense it is a fast track project being worked on by multiple vendors. The most complex scope is the Jacketed piping that has been awarded to Penta along with the LTCS spools. All completed spools have to packaged and loaded FOT in pre-fabricated skids.
04 Sep 2011
UAE - Gasco 4th NGL Train Project, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
Petrofac increase the scope for Penta pre-fabrication activities due to early completion. Having been extremely impressed with Penta's performance on the NGL4 project thus far the client has decided to add additional scope. This includes the addition of Jacketed and SS piping.
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